80's New Wave Band 'Devo' Have Announced That A Month's Worth Of Their Music Royalties Will Be Donated To Ukrainian Refugees

Devo announced that it will donate all licensing revenue and royalties from their back catalogue to assist relief efforts in Ukraine.

The band known for their energy dome helmets and the one hit wonder Whip It! from 1980 will distribute funds along with the band members own personal donations between two charities aiding Ukraine after the Russian invasion in late February.

Music Saves UA is a non profit fundraising project created to provide humanitarian aid to those who need it, and in this case it's Ukraine.

And the World Central Kitchen which is also a non profit organisation which provides meals for those caught in famine prone countries like Ethiopia and India, founded by celebrity chef Jose Andres in 2010.

The band's Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale made a statement to the Ukrainian people saying quote: “Vladimir Putin's rape of a sovereign nation, Ukraine, whose citizens are committed to democratic rule of law should not and cannot stand in the 21st Century.

We invite our rights holder partners in masters and publishing matters to join us in doing the same, further we encourage all successful recording artists to do something similar to help make this gesture reach critical mass”.

Devo are one of many bands and solo acts who've raised funds for the Ukrainian people as the country continues it's armed opposition to the Russian invasion.

Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, Nile Rodgers, Chic, Ed Sheeran, The Manic Street Preachers, and more are not only following in Devo's footsteps, but they're doing a concert called “The Concert For Ukraine Fundraiser Event”.

This is to be held on March 29th.

Russian Media Group (RMG) have announced that Devo and the other acts participating in the fundraising concert will be blacklisted as previously anti war musicians and songs have been since the invasion began in late February.

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