Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds Bids For Ottawa Senators Ownership

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(Published On The 11th Of November 2022) (Edited On The 12th Of November 2022) The Hollywood A-Lister Made His Plans To Buy The Ice Hockey Team Clear Following His Partial Ownership Of Wrexham FC Being Made Public In February Of 2021

The star of the hit series of R-Rated (UK15) superhero series Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, has made plans clear to purchase Canada-Based NHL team the Ottawa Senators, after he already dipped his toes into the sports team ownership pool when he took an ownership stake in Wrexham FC here in the UK.

The news that the lead actor from National Lampoon: Van Wilder and DC's Green Lantern would be putting some money aside to own an ice hockey team is nothing new to those inside the NHL, as Ryan Reynolds hinted throughout the ongoing 2022-2023 Season that he'd be gunning for the ownership of one of the league's 32 individual teams, but nobody suspected that the Senators would be the one to take his fancy. 

The Ottawa Senators were a founding team of the NHL, starting all the way back in 1883 before the team was disbanded in 1954 due to money issues.

In 1992, after decades of public protests against the Senators being snubbed from the NHL, Ottawa got it's ice hockey team back via a cash injection from local real estate developer Bruce Firestone.

Despite their long history in the NHL, literally being there at the beginning, they've been on a Stanley Cup drought since 1927 (But 11 Stanley Cup wins is nothing to scoff at).

They also haven't had the best track record of winning regular In-Season games either, as they've only won five of the 15 games played so far into the 2022-2023 Season, and are due to face the America-Based Philadelphia Flyers tomorrow with a six game loosing streak on their backs.

The Senators in recent years have been under threat of bankruptcy numerous times since the Covid-19 Pandemic began in 2020, with it being hypothesized by many in the NHL world that they're dangerously close to ending up like the Atlanta Thrashers, Quebec Nordiques, Hartford Whalers, Cleveland Barons, California Golden Seals, Kansas City Scouts, Colorado Rockies, and the Minnesota North Stars (All extinct teams which went under due to low fan attendance and/or lack of funding).

The Deadpool icon believes that: "Anything that engages the fan base, that brings a lot of attention to the franchise or the team itself, will be a plus". 

This wouldn't be the first time that the Ottawa Senators would be endorsed by a Hollywood celebrity, as the Singer/Actor from Barbados, Rihanna, was spotted wearing one of their jersey's during a fashion show in the past, and the movie star Matthew Perry wore one in The Whole Nine Yards released in 2000.