Gary Numan Makes Surprise Comeback After 41 Year Hiatus

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The Artist Known For His One Hit Wonder: "Cars", Had Become The Target Of Various Death Threats Resulting In Him Losing A Majority Of His Fans By The Early 1980s.

The new wave pioneer Gary Numan has made a comeback to the music world, after 41 years of isolation.

In 1980, Gary Numan was on top of the world with singles Are Friends Electric and his one hit wonder Cars.

But following numerous death threats and the manifestation of panic attacks, Gary Numan had thrown in the towel and began living in isolation for the next 41 years.

In an interview with The Guardian, Gary Numan told of how the press and fans followed him around.

Stating: "I had to learn to be a famous rock star.

When I was 23 at the height of my musical career I began suffering from Anti-Social Personality Disorder and Asperger Syndrome.

So you take that and then throw in the constant interview requests, people intruding onto my property and into my home, cheeky press people following me around, the death threats from angry fans wondering why I'd stop performing, etc.

I felt like I was being pushed off a cliff.

But now I've learned how to cope with the pressure and stop the panic attacks, I feel I'm ready for a much anticipated comeback".

The last time Gary Numan performed live was at the Empire Stadium (Now Wembley Stadium) in 1981, following which he was hounded with further death threats by angry fans.

Now 64, his recent gigs have sold out as fans eagerly await hearing a sound not heard since that three day fair-well concert at Empire Stadium in 1981.