Archie Battersbee's Life Support Termination Rescheduled For 11am Today

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The Child Has Been On Life Support Since Being Found Unconscious By His Parents In Early April

Barts Health NHS Trust has revealed that it's rescheduled the termination of Archie Battersbee's life support, with the new date being today (Thursday the 4th of August) at 11am.

It comes after the family of Archie Battersbee learned that their appeal to the European Court of Human Rights had been rejected, much to the sadness of Mr and Mrs Battersbee.

Archie has been on life support for nearly four months, after his parents discovered their son unconscious in their Essex home on April 7th earlier this year.

Doctors have declared Archie to be: "Brainstem dead", and for the past three months been fighting with his family who wish for his life support not to be turned off.

The 12 year old's organs have been shutting down since late July, putting more pressure on both his family and doctors at the Royal London Hospital ran by Barts Health NHS Trust to terminate his feeding and breathing tubes.