Fernando Alonso To Take Sebastian Vettel's Place At Aston Martin In 2023

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The Spaniard Has Announced He's Taking The German's Aston Martin Seat Next Year After Vettal Vowed To Retire From F1 Due To His Environmental Beliefs

41 year old F1 legend Fernando Alonso has announced he will be replacing German driver Sebastian Vettel, after Vettel announced his retirement from the sport in 2023 due to his work as climate change activist conflicting with his soon to be former occupation as an F1 driver.

The Spaniard moves to Aston Martin from his current team Alpine next year, after what would be a year with the team.

Alonso made his sales pitch to Aston Martin by stating: "I still have the hunger and ambition to fight and be at the front.

Aston Martin is clearly applying the energy and commitment to win, and it is there for one of the most exciting teams in F1 today.

No one in F1 today is demonstrating a greater vision  and absolute commitment to winning and that makes it a really big opportunity for me.

I want to be part of an organization that is committed to learn, develop, and succeed.

We all appreciate that there is much more to be done to get to the front, and that we must apply all our energies in working together to find performance.

I intend to win again in this sport and therefore I have to tale the opportunities that feel right to me".

The move came as a shock to the F1 world, as Alonso previously had zero intentions of poaching Vettal's soon to be empty F1 car.

The once two time world champion has allot of catching up to do, after his brief absence from the sport between 2019 and 2021.