South African Swimmer Lara Van Niekerk Wins Country's First Gold Medal At The Birmingham Commonwealth Games

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The 19 Year Old Also Set A New Commonwealth Games Record, Achieving The Women's 50m Breast Stroke Podium Finish In 29.73 Seconds.

Afrikaner sporting hero Lara Van Niekerk has won South Africa's first gold medal during the 2022 Commonwealth Games in the English city of Birmingham, completing the 50m breaststroke event in a record breaking 29.73 seconds.

The 19 year old told news outlets following her win that: "After breaking the record in the heats, I was like let me try to break it every single time.

So that was the goal, just try to shave off a little bit more each look, each time, to get faster and faster.

It's amazing, I haven't been in a crowd this big in my life.

It was so loud when I won and broke the record".

Her win for South Africa comes as the Pan Africanist EFF threatens to wage a new White Genocide on Afrikaners and other White Africans living in the country, with previous genocides killing more than 10,000 White Africans in the country since Apartheid ended in 1994/95.