Zika Virus May Have Become More Deadly Now After A Mutation Was Detected

The Zika Virus, the 2016 viral buzzword before Covid-19, has been mutating says scientists.

Zika was discovered in late 2015 in Brazil and harbors in Mosquitoes located in South America, Latin/Meso America, and the mainland United States.

It was responsible for nearly cancelling the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, hand resulted in thousands of expecting mothers to give birth to disabled children.

There is no vaccine for the Zika Virus.

Zika is also classified as an Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) since women can still get the virus via unprotected sex, and it can be transmitted heterogeneously via tainted needles and contaminated blood.

Researchers in California took this mutated form of Zika and put it into rats, it was reported that rats with the new strain of Zika had breathing problems and suffocated to death.

This is alarming as Zika is transmitted via the Aedes Mosquito, the most dominant species of Mosquitoes in the Americas.

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