The Family Of An Elderly Woman In Northern Ireland Are Now Suing The NHS After She Died Waiting 6 Hours For An Ambulance Last Year

An 89 year old elderly woman in Northern Ireland died after being forced to wait 6 hours for an ambulance to be dispatched to the woman's house.

Kathleen Neagle of Dundonald died on the 8th of July last year in her home from heart failure after she'd been suffering from an illness for days, the GP had called for an ambulance but the family said: “It took forever for them to get here and by the time they did she was dead”.

Mrs Neagle's case has recently come to light following a recent incident 10 days ago involving a 39 year old woman also dying in her home located in Newry, County Down, after waiting for an ambulance from Belfast to reach her.

The distance between Belfast and Newry is 62.1km (38.6 Miles) apart, and depending on if you take the A1, M1, or the M1 in conjunction with the A27, it can take from 50 minutes to 1 hour and 13 minutes for any car to cross that difference.

The families of both women are launching lawsuits towards the NHS.

The NHS backlog and staff shortages has caused many delays in ambulance response times, resulting in incidents similar to that of Mrs Neagle and the woman from Newry.

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