Big C's Deborah James Is Presented With A Dame-Hood After Stopping Cancer Treatment

Deborah James, who hosted the Big C podcast before being diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, has been honored a dame-hood.

The 40 year old mother of two was given the honor after the podcast hostess revealed that she'd stopped treatment, saying that: “The treatment I was receiving had little to no effect on my cancer, so I saw no logical reason with continuing with the procedures”.

Now receiving end of life care, the newly named Dame Deborah James has raised over £1 Million ($2 Million) for multiple cancer charities.

Her podcast called the Big C was set up by herself, Lauren Mahon, and former hostess Rachael Bland who passed aged 40 from Breast Cancer nearly 6 months after the podcast aired it's pilot episode.

The Big C has been praised for it's approach of not sugar coating the effects and causes of various types of cancer, from Skin Cancer to Mesothelioma.

Prince William and Princess Catherine the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who are regular listeners of the Big C podcast, has also made a sizable donation to her efforts to support cancer charities.

The Duke of Cambridge stated that: “I praise Dame Deborah James along with Lauren Mahorn and the late Rachael Bland's efforts to spread cancer awareness and funding research to find a cure”.

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