Zelensky: "Russian War Crimes Cannot Go Unpunished"

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has addressed his nation and the world regarding Russia's war crimes since they invaded Ukraine in late February.

Mariupol, Kiev, Bucha, Kramatorsk, Borodyanka, Marakiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Chernobyl, and Chernihiv.

All these places along with the west, stood silently and still, as Ukrainians were slaughtered in a clear and present attempt by Vladimir Putin to genocide the Ukrainian people for defying him.

All were victims of Russian occupation and invasion.

The Nazis who occupied Ukraine in WW2 were cruel, The British and Ottomans who split the blood of Ukrainians forced to fight in Crimea for the Tsar were cruel, and Stalin's Holodomor in Soviet Ukraine was cruel.

Never in Ukraine's history has there been peace and tranquility.

Putin's personal war in Ukraine overshadows all the wars that have come before.

The Nazis only killed the communists and Jews, The British and Ottomans only killed Tsarists, and Stalin only killed those who threatened his power.

Putin doesn't have a specific agenda when it comes to massacring the Ukrainian people, he has lopped all of us, political left or right, pro-Putin or anti-Putin , Pure Ukrainian or Russian Ukrainian, into one giant group for Russian forces to target.

No stone goes un-turned in Ukraine without seeing the bodies of families and individuals too powerless and weak to resist the Russians as they loot our towns, rape our women and children, and kill all who don't come with them to Russia or the DPR.

And whilst Russia is doing this, NATO has stood watched these crimes happen, like a life guard at the beach.

But instead of helping the swimmer in trouble, the life guard lets them drown.

If the west truly wishes to help Ukraine as the Czech's have, may I suggest you start turning your words into actions”. 

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