Zelensky Gets A Big Boost As Foreign Volunteers Arrive In Ukraine

Volunteers from across the world have become members of the newly created Ukrainian Foreign Legion (UFL), says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Soldiers and ex-servicemen from across the western world have flocked to Ukraine to aid government forces in pushing back the Russians, as NATO countries like the USA and UK continue to refuse putting boots on the ground in Ukraine, as fears continue that sending foreign soldiers to Ukraine would cause WW3.

US volunteers make up a majority of the newly created UFL, most have had experience in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Two videos were posted on the social media app Twitter by US volunteers in Ukraine.

One was showing an American in Ukrainian army gear in front of the chard remains of a Russian tank, off camera a Ukrainian soldier shouts "Welcome to America" and the American repeats it.

The second video was taken in a village that they recaptured from the Russians, the American narrator details how soldiers were taking cover by a wall and in bombed out buildings.

The UFL welcomes everyone regardless of nationality, gender, race, faith, and previous military experience or lack their of.

One foreign legionary stated that "Those with ample military experience are sent to the front immediately, those who don't are given basic training and then sent to the front with a Ukrainian Officer."

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