Zelensky Recalls Ambassadors To Georgia And Morocco

Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenski has announced that he is recalling his ambassadors from Morocco and Georgia.

Zelensky has recalled them specifically due to what he calls: “A lack of effort by both of them to encourage Morocco and Georgia to support Ukraine”.

Zelensky said “With all due respect, if there wont be weapons, sanctions, restrictions on Russian businesses or Russian allies, then please look for other work”.

Zelensky for the past month has been calling world leader after world leader, video calling parliament after parliament, and addressing EU country after EU country to send them more money, arms, and medicine.

Calling diplomacy “One of our key fronts in the battle to win the war against Russia”.

A delegation of Ukrainian members of their parliament visited Washington DC to push the American congress, and president Joe Biden to assist Ukraine further.

It has been a Month and a week since the Russians invaded Ukraine, killing thousands of civilians, forcing millions to flee, and biblical levels of geopolitical upheaval.

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