Women In War-Torn Ukraine Raped As Part Of A Psychological Warfare Tactic Used By The Russians

Ukrainian women and girls have testified after fleeing the war torn nation that they were routinely targeted, assaulted, and raped.

Sexual violence and the use of the act of raping women during conquest is nothing new, the tactic dates back to the bronze age.

“Women and girls have been under constant threats of being raped by sexually deprived and depraved Russian solders”, said a victim who wishes to remain anonymous.

Western nations were disgusted yesterday due to a picture taken by Mikail Plainchak, the photograph in question depicts four chard bodies: A single man and three naked women.

The photograph was submitted as evidence for currently ongoing cataloging of Russian war crimes, it is speculated that they were all siblings and that a unit of Russian soldiers raped the women as their brother was forced to watch.

This must be stressed is just a theory by prosecutors and has not been confirmed as what happened to the four bodies, what can be confirmed was that all three women were raped due to marks on the neck and seminal fluid found in both their private areas.

Rape and torture have been used by the Russians since the war began to demoralize women and girls, it is understandably difficult to comprehend the lack of humanity the Russian soldiers have.

As Russia relocates to the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) and Crimea as apart of their new strategy, the women left alive have told police, the army, journalists, human rights charities, and foreign governments about the pain they had to endure.

Sexual assault and harassment, rape, gang rape, sodomy, the raping of little girls, and being forced to dance naked at gun point are some of the crimes these women endured whilst under Russian occupation.

According to International Humanitarian Law and the Geneva Convention: “The act of forced sex upon an enemy combatant and/or civilian is a war crime”.

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