Vladimir Putin Faces Military Revolt If Ukraine Isn't Taken Soon

Russian president Vladimir Putin is at growing risk of a coup over the war in Ukraine, as wide scale mutiny occurs on the front and his advisers lie to him making it sound like the failures aren't as bad as they really are.

Director of the GCHQ, Sir Jeremy Fleming, divulged in detail how Putin has massively misjudged the capabilities of his military, the resistance and resolve of the Ukrainian people, and the strength of western response.

Putin's errors in judgment amounted to a big strategic miscalculation, as the Russian army continues to be bogged down in a stalemate after first loosing momentum, and now lost it's morale.

Short on weapons, food, and morale.

Russian soldiers have deserted the army (Either defecting to Ukraine or renouncing service entirely and going on the run), refusing to follow orders, killing their own comrades, sabotaging their own equipment, and shooting down their own aircraft.

The bloody war in Ukraine has gone on for a month, with no changes in the war maps thus far.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenky had a video call with the Australian parliament, urging for more support stating: “We've warned NATO time and time again, Vladimir Putin is an international risk to global stability and peace.

If Russian aggression is not stopped here, then other countries around the world would have the green light to invade their neighbors with impunity.

And Putin has eyes on the former Soviet states and Warsaw Pact nations, so if the west looses Ukraine, they loose eastern Europe”.

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