Ukrainian Women And Girls Continue To Be Raped By Russian Soldiers

As Russian troops continue to flee east to reorganize their attack strategy, it's been uncovered that women and even little girls were victims of rape by the Russians.

An anonymous 50 year old Ukrainian woman stated:

“At gunpoint, they took me into a house. Once we were in the basement, they ordered me to strip down or he'd shoot. They kept threatening to shoot me if I resisted them, they then took turns raping me in all my holes. When they had their fill and let me go, I found that they had shot my husband”.

A women in her 40's was also raped in the same neighborhood by the same group of men the day before, she was raped to death and dumped in the woods.

In another village, three Russians had stumbled upon a couple in their mid 30's and young child.

The husband tried to protect them, but was cut down by machine gun fire.

Two of the soldiers repeatedly rapped the wife for hours, all while threatening to harm the boy (Who was guarded by the third outside the home), so the mother didn't resist.

After shooting the dogs and burning the house down the Russians left, leaving the mother and son to wander for days before being picked up by a Ukrainian patrol.

A 16 year old girl was raped by a small unit of Russian soldiers near the town of Bucha, the Russian took turns penetrating the girl saying “This will happen to every Nazi prostitute”.

In Bucha, it was discovered that almost 30 women and girls aged 14-24 had been raped in a basement of a single house.

Nine of them are pregnant.

It was reported that this act of sexual depravity by sex deprived Russian soldiers is a psychological tactic, that by raping women and children, they'd loose all desire for sex and thus not wanting children causing them to lower the Ukrainian population.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenski with this knowledge went on TV to state: “Russian soldiers are raping our women as a method of psychological warfare, they aren't even doing it out of shier lack of sex any more”.   

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