Ukrainian Solders Still In Mariupol Report Russian Soldiers Raiding The Azovstal Steel Plant

The last bastion of Ukrainian resistance in the Azovstal Steel Plant inside the Russian occupied city of Mariupol is now being raided by Russian Soldiers, following a failed surrender deadline.

The Ukrainian soldiers inside have been exchanging gunfire with the Russians in the maze of pipes and smelting chambers that little the plant.

Vladimir Putin initially wanted to starve them out, setting up a blockade so stiff “Not even a fly could get out” in his words.

But his commitments concerning the war and the Russian Victory Day Parade in Moscow's Red Square made Putin change his mind and gave a deadline to surrender instead, now that it's expired he has the justification necessary to storm the steel plant.

The plant also hosts a labyrinth of tunnels and Soviet Era bunkers which no doubt hold the injured, civilians, soldiers waiting to ambush Russian units, and traps inside the tunnels.

It is expected that nobody will survive.

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