Ukrainian Commander Pleads For More Ammunition And Food As Russia Overruns Mariupol

The commander of the last Ukrainian holdout in the city of Mariupol has sent a message to Zelensky and foreign media pleaded for more ammunition and food.

It is speculated Mariupol, which is still home to 100,000 Ukrainians, will fall today.

Major Serhiy Volyna, the commander in the video, said that: “We will not surrender to the Russian dogs, we will fight until the last man”.

Major Volyna, roughly 50 other Ukrainian servicemen, and 500 other servicemen in different states of wounded have been held up inside the disused Azovstal Steel Mill in the centre of the industrial district.

Major Volyna also stated: “This is our last address to the world, it may be our last one ever, it is possible that we may have days left at best, and hours at worst.

We call on Zelensky, Biden, and any other world leaders watching this video to send us the ammunition to feed our rifles and the food needed to feed ourselves”.

Mariupol has been the centre of Russian attention since the start of the war nearly 2 months ago, it connects the Russian held Donbas with their illegally annexed territory of Crimea.

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