Ukraine war: Veterans prepare for battle in occupoed Luhansk

The sound of Russian gunfire amplified as you proceed towards  Ukrainian positionof prominence in Luhansk. The cannonade of shelling mingled with the occasional burst of small arms fire.

This may be a war in the 21st century but, at times, with its foxes and crater, it sounds like something from the First World War.

Russia's martial attack in eastern Ukraine is already aggravating. It can seen in the obstructions driving west towards comparative safety; you can feel it in the lonely streets as you drive through the towns and cities of the Donbas; and you can hear it with the increasing sound of Russian gunfire.

Russia is reassigning more of its military from northern to eastern Ukraine. The mission is to accentuate the fight in the Luhansk and Donetsk which are parts already dominated by Russian by Russian backed separatists. Russia will take advantage of its shortlived bastion that had posed a challenge  in its unsuccessful scathing on the capital Kiev.

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