Two Women Plunge Into Leicester's Grand Union Canal To Save A Baby

A pair of women in Leicester were questioned by police before being praised by heroes after saving a baby in a stroller which had plunged into the city's Grand Union Canal.

Lisa Peck and her husband had been walking their dog near the canal, when another woman and her baby were walking by and asked to pet the dog.

Whilst talking about the dog, the stroller's brakes came undone and it fell into the canal.

Lisa and the woman then dove into the water and chased after the stroller and baby taken by the current.

Both Lisa and the baby's mother were able to retrieve the stroller with the baby before it drowned in the canal, but not before the police had been summoned.

After being detained and questioned, the two women were deemed innocent and they soon let them go, calling them heroes for saving the kid.

The baby was taken to the Leicester Royal Infirmary, but was deemed healthy and only needed dry clothes. 

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