"The Nukes Are Ready If NATO Tries Anything" Says Vladimir Putin

Following a series of Russian oil depots and terminals being attacked by Ukrainian choppers this month, Russian president Vladimir Putin says the gloves are off stating: “The might of Russia and the former Soviet Union's nuclear arsenal is ready to be launched at the press of a button towards Europe and the United States if NATO tires to interfere in my Military Exercise to liberate the Russian people oppressed in Ukraine any further”.

The Pentagon confirmed on Sunday that Vladimir Putin has increased the number of tactical and ballistic nuclear arms ready for launch by 80%, meaning that Putin isn't bluffing.

Russia has over 6,000 nuclear weapons, with half being tactical and half being ballistic.

Ballistic nuclear missiles are the kind seen in missile silos and on the backs of trucks, Tactical nuclear warheads are used by troops on the ground to clear enemy bunkers and villages.

The newest series of Russian nuclear armaments use an estimated 800 Kilotons to create a crater and explosion, leveling the biggest urban metropolises in a near flash.

In perspective, the US Atomic Bomb named Little Boy that was dropped on Hiroshima killing nearly 150,000 Japanese was only 15 Kilotons.

US Strategists believe that Putin could use a nuke on Kiev as an only and last warning to NATO if they do step too far into Ukraine, US president Joe Biden agrees with this assessment by the Pentagon. 

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