The Missile Now Confirmed To Be Responsible For 52 Deaths At Kramatorsk Train Station Was Inscribed 'For the Children'

Previously it was reported by news outlets that only around 30 were killed in the Kramatorsk Train Station Attack, but newly discovered bodies in the rubble and those who died to injuries sustained in the attack have bumped that figure up to 52 dead from the attack.

The wreckage of a missile with 'For the Children' on it, in possible reference to the Drama Theatre in Mariupol where 300 were killed via shelling despite “Children” being blazoned on the outside of the building in Russian, has been taken to be annualized by experts to determine the origins of the missile responsible for the 52 dead civilians fleeing the Donbas region.

The words sent and continue to send a message that nobody in Ukraine is safe from the Russian bear that is Vladimir Putin's army.

This along with the massacres at Bucha and the raising of Mariupol have been deemed by Volodymyr Zelensky to be war crimes, and despite the mounting evidence, Vladimir Putin has continued denying committing war crimes in Ukraine.

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