Sylvia Lancaster: The Youth Campaigner, Has Died Suddenly

Sylvia Lancaster, mother of the murdered Sophie Lancaster, has died suddenly at the Royal Blackburn Hospital after a decline in health rendered her confined to the building.

Sylvia had been spending 15 long years campaigning for youth programs and diversity training seminars after her own daughter Sophie was murdered for being a Goth (A subculture of youths that dress in black and listen to rock music) after defending her boyfriend from a pair of teenagers during the height of goth violence in 2007.

Ryan Herbert, who was 16 at the time, was jailed for life for murdering the young woman but the sentence was shortened and now he's slated to be freed by 2030.

Sylvia was outraged by this, but her declining health prevented her from taking action.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation made a statement confirming Sylvia's passing, stating: "She was a wonderful woman who wasn't afraid to speak her mind in the name of women's rights".

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