Sweden And Finland Warned "Don't Join NATO" By Vladimir Putin

Russia started it's failing war in Ukraine due to the country wanting to join NATO, now Sweden and Finland are being pressured by Moscow not to “Make the same mistake as Ukraine".

The two Scandinavian countries have made their wishes to join NATO more clear after the Russian invasion of Ukraine over a month ago, Finland has been spooked the most by the invasion as they share a 1,340km (830 mile) long border with Russia.

Finland used to be apart of the Russian Empire before the end of WW1, when the Tsar was overthrown they declared independence

Soon afterwards them and the newly declared Soviet Union had several border disputes culminating in the Winter War (1939-1940) adjacent to WW2.

During WW2, Finland fought the Soviets and Norwegians along side the Nazis as apart of the Axis Powers.

After WW2, Finland was briefly occupied before becoming a neutral state during the Cold War like Austria.

Sweden on the other hand has been neutral for hundreds of years, but has now seen what could lie in store for the country if they don't join NATO.

The war in Ukraine has forced many nations to reconsider their alliances with the Kremlin or Washington, and some are even wishing to join alliances if it guarantees their nation's security.

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