Sam Lodge: The Woman Who Was Attacked By Dog In Grimsby

A 53 year old woman was nearly mauled to death after trying to pet a dog the owner said “Was friendly”.

Sam Lodge was walking home on April Fools Day in Grimsby when she saw a woman walking her dog.

Lodge asked if she could pet her dog, the woman said that she may and that the dog was friendly.

When she went in to pet the animal it lunged at her face, mauling the woman's nose and forehead into a bloody mess before police and animal control were called.

Lodge was rushed to the hospital and given surgery and a rabies shot.

When asked about the event after surgery, Lodge said: “Friendly my ass, that dog nearly killed me!

Some April Fools joke that woman pulled on me”.

The pet's owner and the dog haven't been found, police describe the woman as follows:

5ft 7” tall

Slim build

Early 50's or late 40's

Wearing sunglasses

Wears dark clothing and a light hoodie.

And the dog involved has been described as:

A medium sized hound with Whippet like features.

Police have appealed for the woman to come forward with her dog.

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