"Russian Oil Depot fire Due To Ukrainian Attack Helicopters" Claims Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov

An oil depot in the Russian city of Belgorod was attacked by a pair of Ukrainian attack helicopters, 40km (23 miles) from the Ukrainian border.

A video shared on social media shows the blazing oil depot, with clips showing tube like structures hitting the refinery speculated to be missiles.

Belgorod governor Vyacheslav Gladkov stated “There was a fire at the oil depot because of a strike by Ukrainian attack helicopters, which entered Russian territory.

Ukraine hasn't confirmed or denied that they were responsible, if confirmed it means that Ukraine could soon plan to go on the offensive against Russia in Putin's own territory.

The Pentagon speculates that this was a false flag attack by Russia to help drive back up waning support for Putin's war.

Emergency workers and 200 firefighters are trying to contain the fire and that it wasn't a threat to local civilians, no deaths in the attack have been announced by the local governor's office.

It was reported that nearby civilians have been evacuated and two were injured, though the severity of the injuries suffered has not been said.

The depot in question is ran by state owned Rosneft.

The attack comes 3 days after an ammunition depot at a base near the city was attacked, also to have been the work of Ukrainian helicopters said Gladkov.

Ukrainian pilots have plenty of experience flying low to avoid Russian radar and SAM sites, they have been stealth flying in the Donbas region since 2014.

To fly low into enemy home territory and launch an attack of any magnitude, requires nerve and flying skills few posses.

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