Russia Lost 700 Tanks In A Month After Invading Ukraine

Military experts have estimated that Russia has lost between 680-700 tanks since invading Ukraine in late February, along with 2,000 other armored vehicles (IFVs, APCs, Scout Jeeps, ETC).

When the war began, Russia had 3,000 active tanks as apart of the first wave of Putin's invading force.

A majority of the tanks have been taken out by Ukrainian guerrillas wielding Javelin anti-tank missiles supplied to Ukraine by the US and UK, but recently Ukrainian tanks have also contributed to that tally.

Many on both sides claim that Russia's bad tactics are to blame for their bad luck invading Ukraine, the Russian army operating through Battalion Tactical Groups (BTGs) aimed to emulate a blitzkrieg offensive pattern.

Russia's lack of constant air patrols in the wake of hundreds of downed helicopters and planes has given Ukrainian guerrillas the lack of oversight required to use these anti-tank launchers efficiently.

According to Oryx, nearly have of derelict Russian tanks found had no damage, they were abandoned after running out of fuel due to stretched supply lines.

The Ukrainian government has incentivised citizens to capture these abandoned tanks, being given large cash sums per tank turned in.

These captured tanks are remarked with Ukrainian ensigns and sent back into battle.

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