Russia cuts natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

Russia is interrupting natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria.

Gas deliveries apparatus between the Yamal-Europe pipeline are discontinuing on Wednesday morning, officials in Warsaw said.

Poland's state gas company, PGNiG, assert on Tuesday that  it had been notified  of the development  by Russian gas giant Gazprom.

Gazprom also in alerted Bulgarian state gas company Bulgargaz that it will stop gas supplies as of Wednesday, according to the country's energy ministry.

It follows after Russian President Vladimir Putin alerted the previously  that "unfriendly" international merchants  would have to remit to  the state-controlled Gazprom in roubles rather than dollars and euros, which the global community has rejected.

Anna Moskwa, Poland's climate minister,  maintained  the country was favourably disposed for such a situation after accumulated  period of work to reduce the dependence on Russian energy sources.

She said the country has been self supporting when it comes to Russian gas intermittently.

"There will be no shortage of gas in Polish homes," Ms Moskwa tweeted, before reiterating  that communication at a news conference.

"Appropriate diversification strategies that we have introduced allow us to feel on the safe side in this situation," she said.

Germany will still be serviced by the submarine  Nordstream pipeline.

Bulgaria has affirmed  it was working with functioning  state gas companies to detect substitutes.

"The Russian proposal for a two-step payment procedure is in violation with the current contract and bears considerable risks for Bulgaria, including to make payments without receiving any gas deliveries from Russia," the Bulgarian government said.

It added that no restrictions on household gas consumption would be forced for now, nothwithstanding the Balkan country of 6.5 million meeting over 90% of its gas requirements  with Russian imports.

The Yamal pipeline links Russian natural gas fields in the Yamal Peninsula and Western Siberia with Poland and Germany, through Belarus, and is around 2,552 miles long.

Poland has been taking throughout nine billion cubic metres of Russian gas yearly.

European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas circulated  flow diagrams on its internet site displaying sharp decline in gas winds at  point if entry  in Kondratki, a town in eastern Poland, and Vysokaye, in Belarus.

Gazprom was quoted as saying that Poland henceforth has to pay for its gas supplies under a new procedure by the Russian news agency Tass, but the Russian company did not establish the disruption  of gas supplies.

European leaders answered to Mr Putin's request for payment in roubles by dissenting and contending that the conditions contravened the terms of contracts and their sanctions against Russia

PGNiG also said that Russia's request to be paid in roubles is an infringement  of the Yamal contract.

Elsewhere, Denmark's Orsted reiterated on Tuesday that it has "no intention" of paying Russia in roubles for gas.

Ukrainian displaced persons have overcrowded into Poland since the start of the war and the country is a  staunch defender of its neighbour.

It is also a conveyance point for weapons coming from the US and other western nations for Ukraine.

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