Russia Bombs Kiev And Chernihiv Despite Saying They Won't At Peace Talks In Turkey

As the third round of peace talks ends in Istanbul, Russia didn't hold their part of the deal says Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Part of the ceasefire agreement overseen in Turkey dictated that Russia would reshuffle it's forces away from Kiev and Chernihiv, and though some Russian forces were moved back east towards the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR), there was still instances of shelling and bombing inside the two besieged cities.

The US and Ukraine now know with 100% certainty, that any Russian ceasefire or peace agreement cannot be trusted as Russia has violated them mutable times.

The governor of Chernihiv, Viacheslav Chaus, shared on social media that he didn't believe anything Russia said in Turkey adding: “Russia continued to bomb Chernihiv and Kiev throughout the night and into the morning”.

Russia's deputy defense minister, Alexander Fomin, said in Turkey “Russia would reduce military activity in the northern areas of the country in order to build mutual trust”.

The pledge was met with criticism, disbelief, scepticism, and doubt from the Ukrainians and the US.

Russia has already shifted it's attention back to areas in the south and east like the DPR and Mariupol, as the Russian ground units in the north and center of the country have lost the momentum and continue to be picked off by Ukrainian guerrilla tactics and snipers.

During the talks yesterday, Ukraine proposed to become a neutral state akin to Austria in exchange for security guarantees, the main objective of the Russian invasion was to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO and the EU though the latter was rolled back in the talks.

Russian armed forces still encircle Chernihiv, were local officials claim that 400 civilians have been killed and around 130,000 civilians have no heating, electricity, water, and food.

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