Russia Announces That It's Left Chernobyl

Ukrainian state owned nuclear company Energoatom staff at Chernobyl said that there were “No more Russians on sight”.

Russian forces captured the former Soviet nuclear plant on February 25th a day after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Russia announced that as apart of their new strategy, troops in Chernobyl and Pripyat will be relocated east with only around 200 reported to still be in Pripyat.

Workers found that Russian soldiers dug trenches in and around the most irradiated parts of the exclusion zone, confirming suspicions that Russian troops stationed their had been irradiated.

The man in charge of The Zone, Yevhen Karmarenko, said: “Radiation levels appeared normal and there's no indication of damage to Chernobyl itself or the Sarcophagus.

That being said, on site geiger counter systems had been tampered with either because the noise gave away the Russian's positions or their commanding officers didn't want them to know how irradiated the sight their trenches were dug was”.

Ukrainian soldiers (With special radiation suits and radiation survival kits) will be sent to the site to clear out any remain Russians in Pripyat and stragglers rumored to still be in Chernobyl in a few days.

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