Rescue Workers Shocked To Find 44 Dead Civilians In Izyum Basement After Apartment Block Collapsed In March

Izyum authorities have announced that the bodies of 44 civilians have just now been recovered from a concrete filled basement after a tower block collapsed due to Russian missile fire in March.

Izyum is an active war-zone located near the Kharkiv border with the Donbas Region in eastern Ukraine.

The deceased are speculated to have died after the basement ceiling gave way and the rubble crushed everyone to death.

An on the spot coroner's report found that all 44 bodies have been dead for over a month.

Rescuers were sent to Izyum with the hopes that there were survivors in the basement, not knowing that the people that they were attempting to rescue had already died.

Izyum mayor Valeriy Marchenko told the BBC and the American news outlet CNN that: “We are heart broken by this revelation, if we'd known that they were already dead then we wouldn't have called for a rescue unit.

But we've only found 44 in the basement of one out of hundreds of apartment blocks that used to dominate the Izyum skyline, so there could easily bee hundreds or even thousands more unaccounted for”.

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