Parents Outraged After Kids Cover Their House In Black Paint

A mother and father in Greater Manchester woke up in the middle of the night hearing strange noises, only to find their four and two year old daughters had covered nearly the entire house in black paint.

The toddlers had drowned their parents living room in black paint, covering the coffee table and a rug worth £75 that they'd just bough.

They also got black paint of the couch, TV, walls, floors, and kitchen.

Kerry Jones, 22, and her Husband Callum Johnson, 23, had already spent £4,000 redeveloping their house after moving into the Clayton property in October 2021.

They fear that their £500 giant sofa couldn't be saved.

The sisters stared blankly as their parents started shouting at them for what they'd done, as if they had done nothing wrong.

The parents even threatened to “Send you away where we'd never see you again” and they were grounded for life.

Kerry said: “Both my couches are ruined, my carpets are ruined, my new rug is ruined, the lino is ruined, and the TV is ruined.

We didn't even know they were awake, the paint was in a locked closet, they used a chair to get in.

I've never scrubbed anything this hard until today, they've done bad things before but this... this took the fucking piss”.

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