Over 2,000 War Crimes Committed By Russia Since Invasion Began Says Iryna Venediktova

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine says that the country is documenting incidents of war crimes committed by the invading Russian forces since the war began.

Iryna Venediktova and her colleagues are analyzing and cataloging thousands of war crimes that violate the rules of law, two high profile war crimes committed are the bombings of a maternity hospital and a theatre in Mariupol which is still under Russian bombardment.

As well as various instances of bombing humanitarian convoys, shelling civilian apartment complexes, and gunning people down as they search houses and apartments for Ukrainian soldiers.

Her office has documented 2,472 separate cases of Russian war crimes as of yesterday.

One case from March 5th, details how a priest named Rostyslav Dudarenko was shot dead at the Russian Yasnohorodka checkpoint.

The prosecution is doing everything it can to establish the circumstances of each and every war crime, and each and every perpetrator: Be it a soldier, general, or member of the military and political leadership of Russia.

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