News Fatigue Regarding The War In Ukraine Rises

People are staring to loose interest in news regarding Ukraine, as viewer traffic shows.

Ukraine is on and off the news headlines, as Rishi Sunak's Spring Statement, Partygate fines are issued, and Boris Johnson being grilled on his involvement with Partygate are front and center.

The story will continue to lack major coverage until a second month passes and it's just a flash brief in BBC's “Today's other news”.

A month has passed since the invasion began, and already journalists and news outlets have announced their stories on Ukraine is getting less views.

They're staring to loose more and more reader interest, people are beginning to switch off from news on Ukraine as it's become over saturated and lacking new developments.

People can see it in how it's covered, as well as the lack of priority it's being given recently.

Newer stories both here in the UK and abroad are seeping back as newsreader interest in Ukraine lowers by the day.

That shared moment of shared outrage by the world is fading away.

Everyone can feel the gears of the anti Putin sentiment grind to a halt.

Their banks still have access to the Swift messaging system, Europe is still buying Russian gas, British sanctions were neutered, and the ruble is regaining value.

Disinterested newsreaders have said: “Can't Ukrainians just accept the loss of a small bit of territory?” “Won't they concede the Donbas and recognize Russian dominance in Crimea so that the war can end?” “Whats the point anymore if Russia can just flood men into Ukraine?”

This mentality is what Putin preys on in the UK and US: We get bored of it, we refocus on different stories and domestic news, and when it's brought up we resent Ukraine rather than support it. 

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