More Than 1,200 Unaccounted For Ukrainians Have Been Found In Multiple Mass Graves In Formally Russian Occupied Villages Outside Kiev

In the wake of the Russian massacres of Ukrainian civilians in Bucha, Mariupol, and Kramatorsk, a series of mass graves outside the Ukrainian capitol of Kiev have been found by local militia.

Mass graves were found in the following villages near Kiev:



Bucha (Again)


The mass graves totaled about 1,200 previously unaccounted for Ukrainians.

The UN has stated that 4,232 civilians and other non-combatants have died since the invasion began, with nearly 3,000 being injured.

Corpses of dead civilians have been found in sewers, the woods, in trees, on the road, in the boots of abandoned cars, and in bombed out buildings to name a few.

This Russian game of hiding the evidence of war crimes has led to delays in report filings, as the bodies when found are heavily charred from being burnt or heavily decomposed.

With villages in and around the nation's capitol taken back, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky stated: “It is now time to collect our dead, evaluate the scenes of these crimes, and start prosecuting Putin for what he's done”.

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