Metropolitan Detective Constable Francois Olwage Charged With Child Sex Offences

Detective Constable, Francois Olwage, has been arrested on charges of child sex offences after trying to meet with a 13 year old who was actually an undercover cop.

The disgraced former Met detective constable has been jailed for 5 and a half years, the 52 year old denies knowing the women he was messaging was 13 claiming: “I thought it was a grown woman wanting to play out a fantasy”.

Judge Jane Miller QC told Mr Olwage during his sentencing hearing that: “You were expected to uphold the law but by trying to take advantage of a child, albeit a fictional one, you showed a disregard for the public trust you swore to uphold when joining the Metropolitan Police.

You were once a highly regarded police officer with undeniably a vast amount of experience, now you are disavowed by the Met and further disowned by your family as a would be pedophile”.

Mr Olwage's attorney is fighting a legal battle for his client, claiming that the detective constable was a victim of entrapment orchestrated by jealous colleagues.

Guilty or innocent, Francois issued a statement saying that he was sorry and will serve the time issued unless his attorney's case is successful.

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