Junkie Mother Incarcerated Following The Death Of Her Son

Laura Heath has been sentenced to 20 years in jail, following authorities finding her 7 year old asthmatic son dead in her Birmingham garden in 2017.

A court heard that the mother was a heroin junkie and crack-head that used her son's inhalers as a method of smoking up in her house, and mistreated the boy.

Heath's £55 ($80) heroin and crack cocaine habit was paid for via selling herself as a prostitute, further harming and neglecting her son.

Her son Hakeem Hussain's cause of death was determined to be due to second hand smoke from his mum smoking heroin leading to an asthma attack on the night he died.

But parents across England were outraged after it was revealed that Hussain's school nurse reported signs of neglect to social services, but was ignored.

She said that: “I am deeply concerned by the number of near asthma attacks Hussain has been suffering from is due to what he says was his inability to access an inhaler, I suspect that there may be mistreatment in his household.

If nothing is done, I'm afraid he'll be dead within the school week”.

2 days after the nurse's report was filed, his body was found. 

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