Journalist Vira Hyrych Killed After Russian Airstrike Hits Kiev

Vira Hyrych of the Czech-American news group Free Europe was killed after a Russian missile strike in Kiev, whilst reporting for the company's Radio Liberty organisation.

The journalist's lifeless body was found today after yesterdays missile strike on the residential building she and her news crew were staying in.

Radio Liberty is one of the last Russian language radio stations not under Kremlin control, after Vladimir Putin banned independent journalism in the country thousands have flocked to Free Europe and other European news networks, often looking for work in exchange for their first hand experiences in Russia.

The missile attack came during UN secretary general Antonio Guterres's visit to Kiev to report the situation first hand on Russian war crimes in nearby Bucha.

Free Europe and Radio Liberty have sent their condolences to Hyrych's family, along with an undisclosed amount of money, presumably as a way to help the family grieve.

Hyrych is the first journalist to be killed whilst reporting the war in Ukraine, and her death proves that journalists aren't safe despite having multiple press badges on their war-report uniforms.

BBC's Clive Myrie, who has done reports in war torn Kiev and other cities in Ukraine sent a personal letter to her family, letting them know that Vira and him had a very good working relationship when in the city. 

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