"I Will Only Stop Shelling Mariupol If Ukraine Surrenders" Says Vladimir Putin

Russian president Vladimir Putin made comments about the shelling of Mariupol, whilst on the phone with French president Emmanuel Macron.

French officials and the ICRC have confirmed that a ceasefire would be declared in Mariupol for 24 hours.

Efforts by the Ukrainian government were underway to evacuate more civilians from Mariupol, which has seen intense shelling since the war began.

Ukrainian deputy prime minister Iryna Vereschuk announced that a convoy of 45 large buses are on their way to take some of the roughly 100,000 people still in the city.

The announcement comes as It's revealed that 100,000 are still trapped in Mariupol, and Russian troops are expected to move in soon.

Satellite photos show the city, bombed out looking like the ruins of an ancient civilization.

France, Turkey, Greece, MSF, ICRC, and Amnesty International have presented Vladimir Putin with a a plan to evacuate Mariupol with Putin saying “I'll think about it”.

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