Germans Migrate On Mass To Paraguay In Order To Get Away From Covid Restrictions And Migrants

Thousands of German families have fled to South America to start new lives in order to get away from Covid restrictions and Muslim Immigration.

Many have gone to Argentina and Brazil, and others have gone to Paraguay.

Paraguay is one of the most Germanic countries in South America, with a population of 26,000 ethnic Germans and 10,000 ethnic Prussians living in the country.

Some have compared this mass migration of Germans to South America to Nazis entering South America in the 50's to escape from custody, turn a new leaf, collaborate with fascist leaders in South America, and/or to evade the Mossad.

So far around 80,000 applications for Paraguay citizenship from Germans wanting to relocate to the South American country since the Syrian Migrant Crisis and later the Covid Restrictions came into effect. 

The Muslim migration to Europe has caused many to both embrace and loath them, with hate crimes towards outsiders from Syria or Turkey a very common sight. 

Some say it's due to most of Europe being white, and seeing a different skin color makes them nervous.

Others have claimed that the Islamification of Europe will upset the religious peoples of Catholic and Protestant Europe. 

But many agree it's due to what some call a quote: "Violation of the Ethnic and Racial borders of Europe".

A concept that states only certain European ethnicity and racial groups are allowed in specific areas on the continent, or in simpler terms: Geographic Nationalism.

German chancellor Olaf Scholz has condemned those who emigrate out of Europe over this issue as: "Bigots who under any circumstance, shouldn't be allowed in our nation". 


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