French Wallets In Pain As Bread Prices In France Continue To Soar

Prices for bread in France have risen from 1.10 Euros (£0.92) to 1.50 Euros (£1.25) as food prices continue to rise.

French bakeries have the choice of either firing trained staff or passing the costs onto the customers, a very hard choice to make.

The price of wheat in France has gone from 240 Euros (£200) to 400 Euros (£333), nearly double of what it once was.

The fluid rise and fall in bread prices has become a synonym in France to reference the French cost of living crisis, with a majority of people who eat bread in France being the lower class.

Amidst the 2022 French Elections, president Emmanuel Macron has boosted the maximum level of tax-free bonuses bakery companies can offer to their staff to aid in suppressing the cost of living crisis in the country.

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