France election: Voters prepare to vote in an election for presidency

French electorates  are preparing to  go to the polls in the preliminary  round of the presidential elections on Sunday.

Recent figures have disclosed a notable decline in President Emmanuel Macron's lead over his main contender extreme-right candidate Marine Le Pen.

Door to door has now come to an end, and electoral participation is anticipated to be less than earlier elections in France.

However  the contest has been bedimmed by the conflict in Ukraine, the main controversy for many electorates is the real wages.

Mr Macron and Ms Le Pen are the strong preferences,  but there are 10 other candidates contending to reach the second leg on 24 April.

A month ago, Marine Le Pen was falling behind  Mr Macron by 10 points. Now she is seen as the strong preference to confront him for the presidency in the referendum vote.

If she doe scale through to the second leg, public opinion polls suggest for the earlier time that a Le Pen victory is within the margin of safety.

Mr Macron's poll ratings were earliwr increased by his negotiations  efforts during the preliminary days of Russia's trespass  of Ukraine, but electorates  have become awfully bothered by monthly remittances  and cost push inflation.

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