Female Refugees From Ukraine Have Been Targeted By Foreign Criminals In Poland

As Ukrainian refugees enter Poland on mass, criminals have taken advantage of the chaos says Polish officials.

Small time criminals have been reported to rob refugees of what they were able to carry out of Ukraine and fence them for a tidy profit, but that's child's play in comparison to what others are doing.

The Polish mob and remnants of the Ukrainian mob have been kidnapping female refugees, some as young as 4 years old, and selling them to sex traffickers or being used as prostitutes in exchange for board and lodging.

People in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, and USA have generously opened their doors to refugees with their best intentions in mind, but sadly not all of them.

A post on social media from a Ukrainian woman who fled to Dusseldorf said the man who took her in shredded her documents and turned her into a house servant and sex slave, forced to clean his house for free and raped daily until he got bored of her, then he threw her onto the street.

Governments across Europe have condemned these crimes and are working with Amnesty International to stop and prevent these terrible crimes from happening to refugees.      

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