Fall Of Mariupol: Mass Graves Filled With Ukrainians Have Been Spotted Outside The City

New satellite photos show bodies being buried in mass graves outside the captured city of Mariupol which had been under heavy bombardment since February, leaving many to fear that Mariupol is the new Bucha.

Russia has been accused of using mass graves filled with lye to erase evidence of war crimes committed throughout their campaign in Ukraine, leading to a common saying: “If you find a mass grave in Ukraine, it's a crime scene”.

The now former mayor of Mariupol had said that the corpses of dead civilians had been driven 20km (12 Miles) outside the city before being dumped in mass graves, the same mass graves seen in the satellite photos.

Starting in March and almost a full month since then, the mass graves had been dug in order to bury the bodies of dead civilians and soldiers outside the city.

100,000 citizens and roughly 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers are still trapped in Mariupol now occupied by Russia, a majority of the soldiers and about 1,300 civilians are held up in a large steel mill in the industrial district.

Ukrainian snipers hiding in ruined tower blocks and skyscrapers have been told to stay put if possible, or if Russian clean up squads are in the area to set traps and relocate.

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