"Does Zelensky Take Czechs? " The Czech Republic Intends To Send Ukraine Military Hardware

Czech president Milos Zeman announced that it would be providing tanks and armoured personnel carriers (APCs) to Ukraine, making the Czech Republic the only nation in NATO and EU to give armored vehicles to the besieged nation.

Shipping manifests state that several BVP-1 infantry fight vehicles (IFVs), some howitzers, and over a dozen T-72 tanks left over from it's former Warsaw Pact and Czechoslovakia days have been sent to Ukraine to stop the Russian invasion.

NATO has only sent surplus arms, meals ready to eat (MRE), equipment, anti tank guns, and anti air missiles.

But the government in Prague believes that it sending tanks would put pressure on other NATO members to do the same, as NATO fears western involvement would start WW3.

This act of extreme generosity from the Czechs comes as Russia continues to bombard cities like Mariupol and Kharkiv, along with war crimes in Bucha and Kiev.

The T-72 tanks used by former USSR and Warsaw Pact nations is an offensive tank mass produced with minor amounts of armor, meaning that in a defensive war it's near useless.

The Pentagon said that the T-72 is meant to use a numbers advantage to overrun enemy fortifications.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky stated that “Even if the tanks being sent were designed for offence and not defense, the fact that anyone is sending us tanks at all is a sign that my appeals to NATO and the EU haven't entirely fallen on deaf ears”.   

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