Dmytro Kotenko: The Ukrainian Soldier Given An Isolated Funeral Amidst Shelling In Lviv

The funeral of Dmytro Kotenko, a Ukrainian soldier who died three days after the beginning of the war in Ukraine was carried out yesterday in Lviv.

The 21 year old soldier was killed after being hit by a mortar strike in the southern city of Kherson whilst on patrol.

His childhood friend Vadym Yarovenko called his parents to inform them that their son was dead.

Yarovenko said that it took him days to muster up the courage to make that call as he was the only one in his barracks who knew Kotenko had died.

The Russian annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol in 2014 and the resulting conflict in the Donbas region on the Russian border drove many Ukrainians to sign up for the army, Dmytro Kotenko was no different.

The Kotenko's weren't the most well off family, Dmytro's father was a truck driver and his mother was a worker on a farm near their house in their village.

But they made the most of what they had. Dmytro, his father, and friends would often spend time fixing old cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Dmytro himself loved to fish, hunt, and swim the the nearby river.

Dmytro's funeral was like other funerals for fallen Ukrainian servicemen and women since the invasion, with sounds of guns firing, missiles launched, and the falling of bombs.

Dmytro was buried along side another deceased Ukrainian soldier, Kyrylo Moroz Volodymyrovych.

Who like Dmytro, couldn't be taken back to his home village due to the Russian advance.

Yarovenko couldn't reach Dmytro's parents due to the phone lines being cut between Lviv and Sumy, so they weren't able to attend their son's funeral at the Saint Peter and Paul Garrison Church.

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