Could Vladimir Putin Take Eastern Ukraine Before Russian V-Day?

May 9th is the date in the Russian calendar that belongs to their V-Day celebrations and famous military parade in the Red Square, located in the Russian capital of Moscow.

May 9th is also the date Putin said to his generals he wants eastern Ukraine captured by, following the newest Russian offensive now focusing on the eastern regions of the country.

But can Russia feasibly take Donetsk and Luhansk regions along with the hold outs in Mariupol in just 3 weeks?

The Pentagon stated that: “It's feasible, but unlikely to succeed as intended.

The Ukrainian Army had to withdraw troops from the front lines in the east to defend Kiev, and though they succeeded are severely battle fatigued.

Units are tired and malnourished, it's estimated that they'd be taking heavy casualties when they get redeployed to the east in order to halt Putin's new offensive.

On the other side of the eastern front, it's with probable thought that it's the last push before halting again to mobilize more troops.

May 9th to Putin and the Russian army isn't a date for military celebration to honor those Soviets killed in WW2 after Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa in 1941, it is instead that they will use as a rallying date to conjure more war support”.

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