CCTV Footage Shows Russians Killing Ukrainian Civilians

CCTV cameras from a Ukrainian office building manned by a skeleton crew captured footage of Russian soldiers arriving and gunning down the building's security guard and his boss.

The video starts with a white van pulling up with Russians inside, after they get out they're confronted by the building's security guard Leonid Pliats who along with his boss tell them to leave.

But the Russian solders opened fire on the two, killing Pliats's boss and Leonid himself being wounded.

The video continues as Leonid staggers to his guard box and calls for the Ukrainian Defense Forces to come and stop the Russians, who by then are seen ransacking the offices inside and one even drinks what looks like a bottle of vodka.

Eventually they noticed that the cameras were on and they destroyed some of them before making a getaway in the van.

By the time that the Defense Forces arrived at the office complex, Leonid had bled out from his injuries in the guard box, he was 65 years old.

The Ukrainians took the CCTV footage and sent it to Kiev, where prosecutors are treating this as another instance of Russia's war crimes.

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