Brutal Reprisal Killings Of Russian Soldiers Emerge After Massacre At Bucha

A series of horrific videos showing Ukrainian solders massacring Russian POWs and Surrendering/Injured soldiers have emerged after the massacre of Ukrainians in the formally occupied village of Bucha.

The videos were verified by the Pentagon and New York Times, dated after the massacre in Bucha, it shows Ukrainian soldiers ambushing a Russian patrol.

After the dust settles, the video continues as wounded Russians are trying to crawl away but are shot repeatedly by the soldiers.

One of them who was gasping for air but was noticed, “Film these marauders!” one of them said .

Look he's still alive, he's gasping”.

One of the Ukrainian soldiers then shoots the man three times, two wounded the man further before the third one killed him.

There appeared to be at least 3 Russian soldiers in the video.

Another video published yesterday shows Ukrainian solders killing captured Russian soldiers held prisoner.

Ukrainian soldiers have also captured a TOS-1A “Blazing Sun” rocket launcher and used it on a unit of Russian soldiers, using “Vacuum Bombs” is only a war crime when used on civilians, not enemy combatants.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky hasn't said if the approves of these tit for tat killings, but he hasn't condemned them either.

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