Austrian Authorities To Transfer Josef Fritzl

Austrian murderer and serial rapist Josef Fritzl is set to be transferred from a psychiatric hospital to a normal jail, police have stated.

The 87 year old man committed sexually motivated crimes from 1967 until his capture in 2008 including:

1 Murder

Lying to Authorities

2 Rapes

1 Attempted Rape



False Imprisonment


Negligent Homicide

Fathering Children Via Own Child

His most infamous crime is that of drugging his daughter Elizabeth Fritzl, taking her into a soundproof basement he'd built, and raped his own daughter thousands of times and having 7 children with her between 1984 and his arrest in 2008.

Kerms Regional Court stated that Josef Fritzl, who now suffers from dementia, has been deemed a “Non-Risk Inmate” and is to be sent to a normal prison for a 10 year probation period.

This will be challenged by Elizabeth herself and her legal team.

Josef Fritzl will be eligible for release in 2023, but this will also be challenged. 

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