At Least 20 People Have Been Killed After A Russian Missile Attack On A Military Base Near The Polish Border

A rocket attack on a military base near Lviv has killed 20 people, emergency workers have told the Guardian.

The Guardian's Luke Harding, who is in Yavoriv where the base is, said that the reported death toll exceeded that announced by the governor of the Lviv region early on Sunday morning.

Maksym Kozytskyy had said that nine people had been killed in airstrikes on the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre military base with 57 wounded.

Two large explosions were seen on Sunday at the base in Yavoriv, a garrison city just 12km from the Polish border. The rocket attack took place at 5.45am.

"My windows shook. The whole house vibrated. It was dark. The sky lit up with two explosions," said Stepan Chuma, 27, an emergency worker, who hurried to the scene with his colleagues.

He said 20 people were confirmed dead. Nineteen ambulances with sirens blaring were seen driving from the direction of the base, a witness said, according to Reuters.

A further seven ambulances were seen driving towards the facility.

According to Reuters, earlier on Sunday Kozytskyy said Russia fired 30 rockets at the complex.

Ukrainian defence minister Oleksii Reznikov said foreign military instructors work at the facility, but it was unclear whether any were present when the attack happened.

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